About Us

In 2018, MERP was incubated by an alliance of partners with similar goals and vision, namely, Prevention and Readiness.
Our services and products are aimed at providing resolutions in the First Phase of a medical emergency…fundamentally, the crucial few lifesaving seconds and minutes!

We believe a gaping hole exists where a number of lives are lost whilst awaiting professional emergency services to arrive on the scene as first responders. Our view is that the true first responder should be the average layperson who, once trained, can respond within seconds thus making them the first responder and the difference between life or death.

We are a registered and accredited training center with both the Resuscitation Council of South Africa (RESUS) and South African School of First Aid Education (SASFAE). The Basic Life Support (BLS) courses we offer also carry accreditation from the American Heart Association (AHA) and our First Aid courses are Department of Labour approved.

All our instructors are RESUS council and American Heart Association (AHA) accredited and certified.


George Scola (Managing Director)

With a career history including IT, banking and home loans which was suddenly cut short when, on the morning of 26th of April 2008 while moving house, George aged 37, suffered an Ischemic stroke which left him with a right hemiparesis and expressive aphasia and as a result, was not able to sustain his home loan securitization company at the time.

In 2010, George co-founded The Stroke Survivors Foundation (SSF) which is a non-profit organisation which provides support to stroke survivors and their families. The SSF’s first project was the Bring it on! Campaign, with the objective to fund raise and to raise awareness of stroke. George walked across South Africa (Messina to Cape Point) and covered almost 2500 km’s, over nearly 7 months with the goal to motivate fellow stroke survivors, that there is life post-stroke, and accepting the reality that unfortunately, life goes on!

In 2013, the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) invited George to participate in an international team of seven, joint stroke survivors and caregivers, to create the Global Stroke Bill of Rights which was completed and released to the world at the WSO conference in Istanbul 2014. Subsequently, in August 2016, George was elected to the WSO Board of Directors.

Through his personal experiences and adversities, George passionately understands and appreciates the significance of a First Responder thus training, upskilling and equipping MERP clients to competently and confidently react as First Responders is very dear to his heart.



Sere-med was founded in 1998 and is now an established and trusted supplier of a diverse range of medical products. Situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, Sere-med provides the Health Care Market namely General Practitioner’s, Specialists, Pharmacies, Clinics, Mine Hospitals and the Public Sector with products renowned for their quality and value.
Sere-med continuously strives to provide our customers with a range of products that are innovative, affordable and at the forefront of medical technology. Our ongoing commitment in support of our products ensures that our customers receive the efficient after-sales service we at Sere-med pride ourselves on.



is to train and equip our clients to competently and confidently react as First Responders.


is to become leaders in Medical Emergency Readiness and Prevention.