Heart safe has the sole purpose to prepare people to be able to recognize and act with correct protocols to a sudden cardiac arrest. Anybody or any business or any medical practice can become heart safe.

Heart safe also educates people to prevent cardiac arrest and attend to points that will secure a healthy heart, because a healthy heart means a healthy life.

50% of deaths world-wide are due to cardiac arrest, and this percentages can be lowered, if you know how to keep your heart healthy, but also when cardiac arrest does happen, then you do need to know how to save a precious life, as you ONLY have 4 minutes left to save that life.

Heart safe is an educational and informative platform, where we aim to create awareness of the grave dangers of cardiac arrest, and to empower people to live a heart healthy life. We want people to realize that EVERYONE can save a life in an event of a cardiac arrest.

A  – Is the victim awake ?
B – Is the victim breathing ?
C –  Call for advanced medical assistance
C – Start CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (anyone with basic CPR training can do this)
D – Use a AED Automated External Defibrillator .(fully automated to guide the rescuer)